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“Fostering Vision-Aligned Partnerships for a Better World Through Sustainable Trade.”

We believe that that engaging in trade with partners who share our core values greatly enhances the potential for fostering a more favorable environment and societal conditions on our planet. The overarching objective of such trade endeavors should be to lay the groundwork for our collective progress.


We help you buy, sell, and service imaging equipment & parts


Flexible & Economical

We present a versatile and cost-effective substitute for high-priced OEM equipment. Our standing as a wholly autonomous distributor and service provider significantly contributes to the realization of this objective.


Centered on stringent quality assurance, robust commendations, and strategic collaborations with the foremost four OEMs, clientele can confidently engage in procuring pre-owned equipment from us.


We offer cost-efficient imaging equipment solutions for hospitals, clinics, and distributors worldwide. Most of our systems are sold prior to stock and are sourced on-demand.

MRI, CT & X-Ray and more

Parts and Services

Enabling global sustenance of top-tier medical imaging equipment while extending the operational lifespan of the systems delivered to our clientele constitutes a fundamental tenet of our mission

Parts in Stock

Mace-international has a full line of tested parts ready to be installed. Our team is available 24hrs a day to ensure your satisfaction. CT, MRI, Mammo, OEC C-Arm, CATH Lab, X-Ray, DEXA and PET/CT Parts. We can repair your RF, System, Gradient and Magnet level components.

Service Solutions

Discover Mace International’s service solutions, perfectly customized for you. We offer full service plans covering parts, labor, and travel, as well as flexible non-contract options for repairs or upgrades when you need them.

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