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Mine Product Supply

We supply our customers with our engineers and mining partners who are experienced in mining, especially in 8 different products, according to the specifications requested from different regions of the world.

Mine Site Supply

In line with the demands of our customers, we organize the purchase and sale of different mines that are in pre-operation or ready-to-operate positions..


We carry out projects according to the needs of states and companies with consortia established with international companies that are experts in their fields

Energy Projects

We provide the infrastructure of projects that provide energy production appropriate to the region especially in the African continent, together with solution partner companies.We create the most appropriate solution by following the improvemet.

Defense Industry

We provide products and product groups, especially for protection, to governments, together with our solution partners.we produce and provide solutions specific to states, from uniforms to technological products.

African Specific Solutions

We produce solutions specific to the African continent, from electricity to housing needs, from finance to road and agricultural solutions.In order to access our solutions, you must have the customer password.