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Our Mangement Team

Our Team is sharing over 25 years of  experience in their sectors

Çetin Çotuk


He’s a specialist in Telco/IT, Healthcare, and the Energy industry, and excels in international business dealings. He’s widely recognized as one of the most esteemed business figures in the EMEA region. With over two decades of experience as a General Manager in various sectors, his expertise extends to international trade and the smooth facilitation of commercial operations between different units.

Aysegul Rose Tulgay


She specializes in establishing business structures in the governmental and private sectors, organizing projects according to the needs and culture of the organization. She has worked on investment planning, establishment of business structures and organization of infrastructures in procurement and technology projects in Libya, Greece, Indonesia, Arab countries and Africa.

Ersan Değerli

head of mınes

He has worked in mining sectors as Mining Engineer for more than 30 years.  His expertices;

The trade operation of Copper Cathode, Aluminum A7, Aluminum A8 and Petrocoke.

Metal mines and industrial Raw materials.

Investor and Investment consultancy in mining industry

Dr Mohammed Debashi


He is an expert in the arena of Oil & Gas industry and international transactions and considered as one of the most respected financier and businessmen in North Africa & Europe.
He has worked in different sectors as General Manager for more than 20 years. His expertice is also international  trade and facilitate commercial operations between the units.

Theodore Davranoglu


He is an expert about the establishing financial structure for companies and goverments.He has already made financial agreements between 2 states  (120 Million Dollar).

He also organizes to subcities  to companies and goverments in Europe.

He is a shareholder in 5 factories in different sectors.

Bora Şen

head of afrıca

Experienced senior management professional with a strong track record in driving business development, market entry and fast adaptation and penetrate to the target market, systems structuring, and logistics optimization in diverse global markets, including the Russian Federations, CIS Countries, and Africa.

Marko Mijac


His education is Organization Science. He is expert about the international commodity trade.He has also experience to supply the food products for clients specially in Europe such Sugar, Sunflower Oil, Chicken etc.

He also has experience the petrolium product trades specially Crude Oil, Diesel, Jet Fuel Oil.

Taner Erdağ


He is an expert about the establishing financial structure for companies and goverments with over 25 years.In addition that He also has experience in investment and the establishing the business structures in international commodity  trade companies.

He has also experience to supply food products from Türkiye